I Lost Us - EP

by Alaskus

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Written, recorded, and mixed by S.Covin and N.Schleif.
Mastered by Dan Munier (NYC).
Limited edition CDs with handmade covers in eco packaging available at shows and by mail order.


released September 22, 2013

Nicole Schleif, Sandra Lolo



all rights reserved


Alaskus Tampa, Florida

Alaskus is a two-person band from Tampa, Florida. It's tropical, psychedelic shoegaze created by Nicole Schleif (Giddy Up, Helicopter!) and Sandra Lolo.

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Track Name: wind die[s]
Slow days, slow days, empty nights to fill with the rest of our lives. I want it to begin today, oh let it begin today.

We sit here like it's forever. The wind dies down. The old dream's returning that I'd held for so long.

But then she says it's still over, and she gets up to shake off the sand. Wait for me now, and see it my way. I aim to give you all I can.
Track Name: magnolia
wind rush and wild thoughts
the storm won't let you out
go ahead brace yourself
you're all that's left to fall

look at the night sky
full of red clouds
you find it's another wall
you're up against

when the feeling comes up again
about to ruin everything
i'd rather run away
i'd rather run away
jealousy opens up the door
a hurricane rushes in
it's hard to breathe
when you're not by my side.

leaves of magnolia trees
make such a hollow sound
break apart in your hand
try to salvage what you lost

until the feeling comes up again
about to ruin everything
and you run away
you try to run away
Track Name: duluth
One by one the bricks fell out of my favorite place downtown. The air smells rotten, the clouds are dark, and I'm headed for the basement.

The kids paint the halls with magazines, a cigarette burns on the stove. Someone blocked the window with plasticine, the fire escape's on loan. Riding out this winter wave...

The courthouse opened early. There's a line going round the block. The judge makes a sandwich of my dossier and the thin hands on the clock. You said it yourself, I should head for the country, but my head's so soft inside. My friend, you know I'm not doing well but I'm just doing the best for me. Riding out this winter wave, riding out this winter wave, like a bear in a cave, my heart slows. I can't hear you, you're so far away.

Don't turn around, don't turn around, don't do it. I've got diamond eyes in the mirror, I burn a fire to blank out the dark. So many days to sleep it away, when will you come and wake up my heart? You're so far away...